Because I’m happy

Since when did we (human beings) start to care SO much about what others say or think about us? I guess since we evolved but when did it start directly affecting our lives? Why do I STILL at the age of 31 NEED to have the approval of my parents? Or be scared to tell them something without judgement? Or why can’t my husband tell his Mother the truth? Is her opinion THAT devastating to you to us? Or perhaps it’s the other way around. It really doesn’t matter. I look at my life and can say OPINIONS DO NOT MATTER. I don’t want to hear anyone’s advice unless I SPECIFICALLY ask for it. So WHAT if I change my hair color, even though you KNOW it won’t look good or if we get ANOTHER dog we can’t afford, when did it become YOUR worry? Why are you wasting time on this? I TRY to make the best decisions for my family and I. PERIOD. Unless I ASK you, DON’T TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. Be happy for me and say “Wow that is a UNIQUE look” or “Wow your dog is so good with your girls.” Also WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO SAY A GOD DAMN THING! I am going to make mistakes, but unless those mistakes are going to harm me in a way the is detrimental to children’s or my life, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I SERIOUSLY don’t want to take the time to tell you how FUCKED up your life is and the choices you make are fucking BOGUS, on top of that who am I to do so? Why waste my time on something that degrades you and makes me feel like shit.  I want to live my life HAPPY. HAPPY FOR NO REASON. Just blissful and heartwarming.  I want to see the GOOD in every situation, every person. Have the positive shine through. Maybe ignorant a bit? Would it be that awful to do so? I have up until this moment lived my life on what is next? What is NOT enough now, and how something else will make me happy. Getting to that next goal and feeling EMPTY. Why because I didn’t enjoy the ride, I didn’t stop to take in the pure and sweet beauty and innocence of THIS MOMENT.  So this is my plea, perhaps my warning, if you start that gossip bull shit drama, negative ass attitude on my life, your life or ANYONE IS THIS WORLD’s life, move the FUCK on. I AM DONE.